About Our Church

We are a church that believes in Jesus, loves God and people

Welcome, in the name of Christ, to Beloved of God Gospel Church. The door is open for you here: wherever you come from, whatever language you speak, whether you have been a Christian all your life, or you are completely new to Christian faith. You are very welcome to worship and serve Christ with us, as part of a Christian family.

Gloriy God

The Church was created by God to help people live out their Christian lives.

Believe Biblically

The Bible is full of “one another” commands. The only place where such commands can thrive is the local church.

Love Community

Discipleship, training, equiping, community and much more come from being in the Beloved of God Gospel Church.

Love people

We are here to share with all people the Good News of Jesus Christ, and to call all people to follow him.